Uncle Don – My Hero & True Outsider

Several years ago I started to develop this unending notion that I needed to go visit my Uncle Don. He lived more then 2 hours away.  Perhaps that’s why I procrastinated for longer then I care to admit – I didn’t make it a priority. 
Fast forward to 2014.  I needed to go past Uncle Don’s hometown for real estate work and decided to give him a call. One of the best things I’ve ever done.  
Don was 88 when we visited that morning over coffee at a Shoney’s Restaurant. 
Don was a hero of mine. He fought overseas from one bunker to another, carrying machine guns during WWII.  Amazing. A legit example of the greatest generation.  In this, and in all things, he served and fulfilled his duty honorably.
As we sat in a small booth, Don talked about his wife Martha. They were married to for over 50 years. He spoke of her beauty and how he missed her. He talked about his 30 years  with the National Park Service. He shared his joy in Jesus and encouraged me in the faith.
Not much later, my Uncle Don passed away at the age of 90.  So happy we had that time together. 
This Memorial Day I feel blessed to say that Don is my uncle – and my hero.


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