Now Then

The end, is simply the beginning.

In his follow-up to Go Outside, Alton Lee Webb explores what comes after – after disaster strikes, a big change happens, or your world gets disrupted.

Now Then was published in 2022 and inspires modern day leaders with practical advice, not theoretical notions.  When the what’s-nextness is killing us, we don’t need another self-help book or a to-do list. We need something bold. We need assurance.  It’s during these times we boldly need to look past our Now to see our Then.

Now Then helps us to find our starting point to begin again. As the reader moves through periods of stagnation, waiting, and even desperation, they will find the way to advance and celebrate once again, or maybe for the first time.  Now Then is a powerful encouragement and resource to help readers find their footing and fuel.  Ultimately, what we thought was the end is simply the beginning.  Now Then…


Now Then is available via Amazon via Kindle,, and by purchasing a hard copy.


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