Rache – My Valentine

Rach my ValentineRachel Webb is my Valentine y’all. ūüôā

She always believes in me and supports my crazy ideas.¬† I do my best to care for her in the same way, but if you know Rache, she’s hard to “out do” in the love or even friendship category.

God has gifted her to be a very naturally¬†joyful person.¬† In fact, it was no surprise that last night at the mystery party she was given the character of Sally Spirit – she didn’t disappoint! (My character was Ryan Rival – QB for the opposing team…How about that¬†old school letter jacket #RocketPride)

I have so learned much from her over the years about how to love people and I am forever changed by her love for me.  Thanks baby.

Love you Rache.


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