How come we stop before we even start?

You and I.  We’ve had this dream forever. It’s killing us.

We know something needs to be done about __________.  This year we plan to start__________.  We prayed and prayed about it, but it seems the burden won’t go away…We’re convinced it’s time for us to __________.

We get hype. 

Then, time passes.  Our comfort zone and busyness drown the dream.  So, we settle.  We don’t GO OUTSIDE.  We stay inside.

How come we stop before we even start? 

Is it the fear of failing? Is it the perceptions others might have?  We don’t want to take a chance.  I mean, I got bills…How will I afford this crazy notion?  The list gets longer and longer.

Do you feel the tension?  I do.  So, what’s the biggest reason you haven’t gotten started yet?  


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