Four Weeks In…Just Getting Started

My word!

It’s been an enormous pleasure to hear from many of you and to meet with others since we launched GO OUTSIDE online. Didn’t think I could be soooooooo inspired – in just four weeks!  Here’s to the recent college grad trying to figure it all out, the working mother dreaming huge, the high school student already making an impact, the veteran stepping out in faith, the creative with a dream to start a business AND the rest of you.

I’m pumped & we’re grateful to join the action with you.

Many of you have a desire to follow Jesus out of the mundane. But, just like me at times, lots of you don’t know what to do next, how to manage your time and priorities, how to sort out your doubts, how to pay your bills while following your passion or simply how to get started.  Hmmm.

Over the next few weeks, we want to help. Sure, we don’t have all the answers or a big pile of money to loan, but have experiences starting, failing, praying, taking chances and walking with others who are doing the same.  Here’s the 3 things we’ll focus on: 

1 – We’ll keep the content flowing here on this blog.

2- The podcast will drop weekly.

3 – With God’s help, we plan to release a video series for GO OUTSIDE to give our friends a boost and jumpstart the action together. This series will be simple, short, and hopefully, it’ll be sweet.

Will you sign up to receive it first?  Will you sign up to help us spread the word? We’d love your help! 



Our continued prayer and question... How can we help?

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