You cannot own a child of God

I grew up in a reserved church setting.  Occasionally, the pastor would get animated and some old dude in the back would utter “amen” in a deep tone. You could feel the bass of his voice shutter the walls and send a ripple of amens through the pews.  Can I get an Amen?

Fourth of July we celebrate freedom.   Being an entrepreneur and starter, I think about freedom often.  As I reflect on liberty in this season and this week, I’m seeing it through the eyes of my grandmother, whose funeral was Wednesday.  Mattie Sarver was 91 and her life of faith in Jesus will be will remembered and celebrated from the kids, to the grandkids, to the great grandkids, on down to the great great grandchild.  I’ve been thinking about some things she experienced…Here are a few:

Calvin Coolidge was President when she was born.  She lived through a severe worldwide economic depression in the 30’s – Prayed through World War 2 to the Iraq War. Was devastated by Kennedy’s Assassination and thrilled by the Space Race.  Went from riding in a horse & buggy to flying in planes.  Pay phones to cell phones.  Shopping at the Country Store to buying Christmas presents online.  Segregation to seeing the first African American president.  Alright, I’ll stop.

The journey of freedom for America has proven to be a costly roller coaster and my grandmother’s life gives me greater perspective on the evolution of freedom in the United States. But, I’m even more thankful that she knew of the freedom found in Jesus, which supersedes everything.

Rachel and I went to see the movie, Free State of Jones, this past week.  It was intense. 

We felt frustrated. And sad. And angry. And disappointed. Rachel was so upset that we almost got up and left at least five times. But…at one point, the main character (Moses), said “You cannot own a child of God.” I sprung up from my reclined position and, without warning to myself or the rows around me, shouted “AMEN!”  Can I get another Amen? 

So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.  John 8:36



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