10 Reasons to Start Something in a Small Town

Shelbyville - Downtown

Sometimes it seems like all of the successful entrepreneurs, artists and thought leaders that make it “big” live in “big” cities. And our culture associates bigger with better. Houses. Bank accounts. Friend lists.

Is it really better though?

When I was ten years old, I can vividly remember my Mom driving through my hometown – Shelbyville, Kentucky. It came over me and I exclaimed, “Mom, I love Shelbyville.”  Even at an early age, God gave me a passion for my community.  It wasn’t exactly Silicon Valley.  It wasn’t a vast urban area of college grads, high-tech people, and the metro area the “cool” kids flock towards.

Our tendency is to be bamboozled by the bright lights. But, let me share 10 reasons I have found that it might actually be more effective to go outside and start something in a small town.

1 – Ideas are no longer bound by your address. Think “The World is Flat.”

2 – It’s darn near impossible to remain anonymous in a small town. Embrace it.  Success rarely happens in isolation.  Stop hiding until you figure it all out.  Allow others to help you wrestle with the unknowns of your vision.

3 – Small towns are hungry for vision. Where are you Gen X?  Millennials?  It’s time to make that difference.

4 – Overhead is cheaper. Cost of business is lower. Fewer regulatory hoops.

5 – It’s easy to build relationships. When you need someone to lend funds, share support, give you free rent, attend a function, believe in your crazy idea, etc. your relationships will open those doors instead of a forecasted P & L statement.

6 – Technology can take you anywhere.

7 – Main Street > Wall Street. Duh.

8 – Because quality of life is more important than making money. Achieving goals without happiness stinks and people who live in small towns tend to be happier.

9 – People call you on your crap. That’s a good thing.  Heck, you could end up on the front page of a printed hometown newspaper if you aren’t careful.

10 – Easier point of entry to get involved and make a significant impact on important issues. Become a chamber of commerce leader, start a non-profit, open a business, run for office, AND get ready to say yes to being on a Board of something – you’ll be ready to bring energy when and where needed.

Stand up small town entrepreneurs.  I’m with you.  Keep GOING.

What did I miss? Join in!


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