How to Use Relational Generosity: 5 Ways to Share Your Influence

Acts 2:44 talks about the believers having everything in common and sharing their resources with each other.  Often, we think about our physical possessions and stop there.  But what if we have more to offer?

When Jesus went to the cross in our place, he didn’t give us clothes on our back or a roof over our head.  Instead, he used his influence with the Father to vouch for us.  That’s something we can’t repay and don’t deserve.  But it is something we can emulate.

When we approach networking from a Kingdom mindset, we realize that the best thing we can do is share our network with someone else.

In this week’s episode, I share 5 ways to share your influence.  But more importantly, you’ll learn what Jesus’ action on the cross means for your network.

Episode Highlights:

2:12 – The Scripture that inspires relational networking

3:07 – What we’re called to give away (it’s not our possessions)

4:35 – The little extra that can make an exponential difference for someone else

6:20 – How to connect people (with no pretense)

8:29 – The single most effective strategy for extending your influence on behalf of someone else

10:40 – The relational investment strategy that takes you deeper

12:15 – How the “anonymous connection” is a reflection of God’s grace in our lives

14:40 – The responsibility of the person being connected


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