Shift: Why Your Leadership Needs This More Than Ever.

It started with a conversation with someone who was in the early stages of starting out.  There were lot’s of things they needed, but there was something about the interaction that made me want to share about a shift in leadership that I’ve experienced over the past couple of years.

Regardless of where we are on our journey Outside, we all experience similar situations:

– asking a trusted advisor for advice

– sharing our vision with a potential team member

– stepping out when it’s easier to stay in

When we start out, we start out as the “doers” — the “doers” of everything that needs to be done.  But as we journey, there’s a noticeable shift, one that is more than just building a team around us, or reading the newest book on leadership.

Episode Highlights:

00:50 – Why Leadership is more than just a buzzword

2:13 – The mentality that repels capable people from joining your team

3:02 – The wrong way to pitch your idea (and what do to instead)

4:49 – Identifying the ultimate Outsider

5:48 – The difference between being a leader and a doer

8:11 – The struggle every generation faces

10:32 – How your circumstance and context impacts your vision


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