Operating In the Gray 6: Mixing Business and Faith, with “The Lunch”

Every couple of months a group of Christian businessmen and leaders get together for something called “The Lunch.”

It’s an informal gathering where someone shares about the ups and downs of operating in the business world and how they navigate the gray areas. From real failures, like bankruptcy and family problems, to successes, like acquisitions and IPOs, the lunch is a safe place for these men to come together and talk about real life.


Find out how it got started, why you can start something similar where you live, and what makes this different from any other “networking” event you’ve ever been to.


Episode Highlights

0:11 – What happens at the informal meeting called “The Lunch”

0:40 – How “The Lunch” started and why

1:39 – The 3 key elements that make this gathering different from other networking groups

3:41 – How the term “netweaving” is different from “networking”

5:53 – The connection between generations that is hard to find somewhere else

8:04 – The mindset that allowed the lunch to flourish with a “hands-off” approach from the leaders

9:23 – Why Lee keeps coming to the lunch, even though it’s 45 minutes away

11:10 – The scripture that motivates Ryan Hilliard to connect people to each other

12:20 – The plan Jesus modeled regarding mentoring and leadership


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