Operating In The Gray 3: Honoring God in the Entertainment Industry with Darian Sanders

The performing arts world is known for being difficult to live in as a follower of Christ. From deciding what shows to audition for to interacting with your co-workers to balancing family, there are plenty of situations that don’t have a clear black and white answer.



That’s where Darian Sanders comes in. He’s a husband, father, cabaret performer, pastor and worship leader. With all of those responsibilities, he is constantly operating in the gray and has come on the show to share how he lives in all of those tensions.


Episode Highlights

1:15 – What song Darian has performed the most (and who he performed in front of)

3:19 – How Darian become involved in singing (even though he played the trumpet)

6:21 – How Darian balances working on staff as a church with a calling to Go Outside

7:47 – The musical theater’s response to Darian having a family and being a minister

9:40 – Peanut butter, the University of Kentucky, and the Gospel

10:54 – What led Darian to give up a full-ride scholarship to the University of Kentucky

17:52 – What a woman said to Darian after his performance that provided much-needed confirmation

20:05 – Darian’s encouragement for you: “It’s not arrogant, but it’s authorized.”

25:20 – About Darian’s family and how he and his wife have decided to live their life




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