Operating In the Gray 2: God’s Love and the Sex Industry with Rachelle Starr

What does it take to leave a lucrative career and start loving people in a completely foreign world? How does a willingness to follow God lead us outside of conventions, so much so that strip club owners become friends?

In this interview, my wife, Rachel, sits down to answer those questions with Rachelle Starr, the founder of Scarlet’s Hope and Scarlet’s Bakery. Over the past ten years, Rachelle has followed God outside the gates to love those who society says are unlovable and to give a sense of worth to those who society says are worthless.



Listen to this inspiring story of what happens when we abandon what we want and pursue what God wants.


Episode Highlights

00:51 – How Rachelle learned to love people different from her

3:06 – The moment Rachelle was called to work with women in the sex industry (and her husband’s response)

4:23 – When churches didn’t step up, God stepped in

5:10 – What God told Rachelle that pushed her out of her comfort zone and into His will

7:02 – A woman’s response to Rachelle’s offer of a home-cooked meal

10:54 – The factors that contribute to women entering the sex industry

12:47 – What led to Rachelle quitting her successful career in marketing and starting Scarlet’s Hope

19:45 – How the bakery (Scarlet’s Bakery) serves the women of Scarlet’s Hope

23:20 – The one habit that helps transition the women from working in the club at night to working in the bakery during the day

25:36 – Teams in over 120 cities have been trained to reach women in the sex industry

25:01 – How you can get involved with Scarlet’s Hope

27:36 – The truth about why the sex industry exists

29:38 – The woman from the club who inspired the name “Scarlet’s Hope”


Episode Resources:

Scarlet’s Hope

Scarlet’s Bakery



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