Operating In The Gray 1: Introduction

The older I get, the more I realize that for some of the big questions in life there’s not always a clear right or wrong answer. There are degrees to each answer, so much so that the answer looks gray, instead of a simple black or white.

For this 6-part series, called Operating in the Gray, you’ll hear from leaders in all different kinds of occupations, from education and non-profit to business and entertainment. The guests share how they’ve responded in situations that don’t have clear-cut, black and white answers, when the answer is found somewhere in the middle of right and wrong.

When have you found yourself in a situation that didn’t have an easy answer?  How did you respond?

You’ll be encouraged as you walk through those questions and listen to others who are doing it alongside you.



Episode Highlights

0:11 – When small business owners get stuck; what difference-makers ask themselves when things don’t go as planned

1:07 – How do we keep moving forward as God’s light in a chaotic world? (And who he’s inviting to help tackle that question)  

2:08 – Why you should tune into Operating in the Gray (and how it will help you apply the Gospel into your life)


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