No Silver Bullets: An Interview with Daniel Im and the 5 Small Shifts That Will Transform Your Ministry

So often, we look to the newest business model or successful ministry for a solution to our challenges.  But what if we really just need a shift in perspective?

This week, Daniel Im joins me to share from his new book, No Silver Bullets, five small shifts that will transform your ministry.
As you listen to this interview, I think you’ll find that what he shares applies to those of us who work in the marketplace as well.
Episode Highlights:
  • 1:27 One sign of a trusted friend
  • 3:30 The organization that helped Daniel discover the joy of sharing his faith
  • 7:02 How to approach discipleship from a systems perspective
  • 8:41 What Daniel learned about discipleship from Sun Tzu (author of the Art of War)
  • 10:42 Destination versus direction, and why it matters
  • 15:24 Why input matters more than output
  • 16:50 What people who share their faith do more than other people (it’s not what you think)
  • 22:15 How communities of 20-50 people can be leveraged for discipleship
  • 25:47 What it means to live out the “one another’s”
  • 28:35 How to audit your ministry and take next steps


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