Marriage in the Real World

As we continue our series on mentorship, my wife, Rachel Webb, joins me to talk about the many things we have learned from our marriage mentors, Karl and Susan.  Their impact on our relationship is something that we’re thankful for every day.


Episode Highlights:

3:15 – The most important things Rachel and I learned from our marriage mentors

4:22 – What Rachel learned early on about marriage

6:14 – The Bible verse that reminds us of our priorities.

7:52 – How vulnerability can break this destructive cycle

13:30 – Real dating vs. fake dating

15:39 – What being open with sin can do for your marriage

20:42 – How to slow down, and why it’s important

22:33 – When to talk about your spouse…and what to say

26:13 – Why the practice of drawing broad lines leads to a healthy marriage

30:49 – Sharing God’s truth with your spouse

35:29 – The question that keeps you connected to each other


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