What Happens When You Get out of Your Comfort Zone and Serve Other People – An Interview with Former UK Baseball Coach Keith Madison

After retiring from a successful career coaching baseball at the University of Kentucky, Coach Keith Madison found himself at a loss when he was asked what he was going to do next.  In this interview, Coach Madison shares with us how a gravel road and big hands taught him a valuable truth about God, the five words players say that mean the most to him, and how God prepared him for work in the Dominican Republic.

Perhaps what’s most important is that Coach Madison shares how he stays close to God.
Episode Highlights:
2:10 – How losing a cave led to an award
7:39 – How a gravel road and big hands taught Coach Madison about God
10:21 – Why Coach Madison became interested in coaching
11:41 – How Coach Madison invested in his players beyond the field and outside of the game
14:23 – These 5 words mean the most to Coach Madison when he hears them from a player
15:04 – What Coach Madison’s mother told him when he didn’t make it to the major leagues
16:55 – How Coach Madison came to the decision to retire, and what he thinks about change
19:24 – Coach Madison’s response to the question: “You’re 51 years old. What are you going to do now?”
22:33 – How God prepared Coach Madison for work in the Dominican Republic and other places
25:08 – How Coach Madison stays close to God
29:53 – The players that have had a lasting impact on Coach Madison


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