When Going Outside Takes You Inside Public Office: An Interview with Kentucky Lieutenant Governor Jenean Hampton

Outsiders end up in all kinds of different places. Sometimes we end up starting and leading a ministry that shows kids they’re loved; other times, we end up planting a church and writing a book.


For our guest on this week’s episode, Going Outside led her to become the current Lieutenant Governor of Kentucky.  This interview approaches public service from a Kingdom perspective and gives us an inside look at what happens when Going Outside takes you inside a public office.

Episode Highlights:

2:35 – The one essential skill Lt. Gov. Hampton developed that has helped her listen to the right voices

7:30 – How a praying mom changed the trajectory of Lt. Gov. Hampton’s life

9:51 – What Lt. Gov. Hampton did when presented with a blank slate

12:36 – The two ways this specific question can change how you work

14:40 – Where to start when you don’t have any answers

19:47 – Who Lt. Gov. Hampton is excited about in the future (it’s not who you think)

21:40 – Where Lee found his (unexpected) calling


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