Finding Hope – An Interview with Diana Cahill, Executive Director of ALC Shelbyville

While we might not admit it to others, we all have things we’ve done that make us feel like we’re unqualified and unable to move forward with God’s call on our life.

But many times, the difference between those who make a difference and those who stay on the sidelines isn’t how loud their voice is or how great their idea is…it’s the freedom they’ve found in Christ that allows them to move forward.

Diana Cahill, the executive director of ALC Shelbyville, is one of those people. She shares not just her incredible story, but the stories of women and their families as they navigate unplanned pregnancies.

This is one story of an Outsider that will give you instant inspiration, and a clear call to action.

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Episode highlights:
2:33 – Diana shares her story of being pregnant and afraid at 18
4:47 – How the birth of one baby and the loss of another shaped her perspective of the future
5:43 – Why bad things that happen aren’t punishment from God
6:44 – The song Diana clings to when she thinks about how she moved forward after multiple difficult periods in her life
10:09 – The craziest days at ALC Shelbyville, and how women are encouraged
12:28 – How abortion recovery includes the entire family unit (not just the women)
14:55 – The morning routine that Diana uses to prepare for her mission every day
25:44 – The answer to the question, “How do you know when you’re ‘outside’?”


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