Curiosity Plants a Church and Changes Lives

Throughout this five-part journey towards recovering curiosity, have you noticed a common theme? Curiosity calls for change and action — and usually against a backdrop of uncertainty.

In this final episode of our Curiosity series, I pause to reflect on the role curiosity has played in my personal call to Go Outside across the past 10 years and share a few changes on my family’s horizon. In spite of not knowing exactly what’s coming in our next season of life, let’s center ourselves in the security of who Jesus is and what He has done.

Episode Highlights

  • [0:00] Have you noticed curiosity and times of transition tend to go hand-in-hand? I share a passage of Scripture we can cling to in times of new growth and change  
  • [1:16] How curiosity is leading to a change in Rachel’s and my life right now
  • [1:54] “I wasn’t trained in it, and I didn’t see it on my horizon.” What I remember most about making the decision to plant Christ Community Church in Shelbyville ten years ago
  • [3:38] What happened when Going Outside seeped into my family life and career
  • [4:27] “It was self-therapy.” How a “horrible manuscript” exploring the Go Outside lifestyle became a published book and podcast series
  • [5:38] What do we believe about Jesus again? How Jesus’ actions on earth author and sustain our next steps
  • [6:44] So where are we, and what’s next? I share my gratitude and hopes for this podcast and the Go Outside journey  


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