3 Strategies for Dealing with Uncertainty

There is one thing that everyone faces when they take the next step outside.  Planning out every step won’t push this issue back, and your “why” isn’t enough to keep it at bay (more on that later).

In fact, it’s a necessary part of going Outside, and following God’s call on your life.

Whether you’re starting a business, taking next steps in your ministry, or leading out in the community, this feeling is something we all need to get comfortable with.

Uncertainty.  It’s not a good feeling, but it’s a reality that comes when we act in faith.  In this episode, you’ll not only find practical strategies you can apply today, but paradigm shifting stories to help you move forward, despite the uncertainty.

Episode Highlights:

02:37 – A true story of someone dealing with uncertainty

3:21 – The reason your “why” is unsustainable, and what you should look for instead

5:27 – How Jesus’ action on the cross can impact your business

7:10 – The “elephant principle,” and how to apply it

9:00 – Authentic community: how to find it, and why you need it


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