3 Lessons Our Grandparents Can Teach Us About Reconciliation

Since the beginning of time, culture has always tried to define groups with labels and boxes: it’s “us” versus “them,” or some version of that. Thankfully, God has a way of breaking down those barriers like he did with my Mamaw, and my dear friend Marie Loving.  The culture told them they should never be friends.

The beauty of their relationship is so much more than what first meets the eye.
I learned so much from how they interacted and protected each other. I learned how to be open to appointments on God’s calendar, regardless of what I had scheduled on mine. And I learned that the local church really is the best vehicle for shining a light a dark world.
– Book: Go Outside
Episode Highlights:
2:23 – The story of unlikely friends that has inspired hope for Lee
4:13 – How Marie Loving responded to criticism (and how it shaped the conversation)
5:11 – The catalytic moment for Lee, Mamaw, and Marie – and what it led to next
5:42 – How God uses his church to bring people together
7:03 – Where to look for God as you navigate the marketplace
8:03 – Why this financial strategy reflects faith in the local church
8:54 – How to be advocates for unity, in business and ministry


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